Offer Presented and Taxes Filed

Urg! I am glad I am at the end of my day.

Today I finally managed to get up at 5:45 a.m. again. I get thrown off my sleep cycle when DH is home. And with his recent schedule change due to a colleagues son’s suicide, DH’s schedule is very different than normal. The result is that we are all feeling a little out of the norm. Throw in the weekly house hunting, and things have really thrown us on a spin! But that is life and the kids are learning to adapt.

Plus, I guess I should add a weekly day of baby-sitting. Today I had an additional 3 children, for a total of 5. One is 13 months old. I enjoy having him, and I really feel that I have become so much more skilled at accomplishing my schedule with a young one around… it is the 3 y/o version of my son that gives me a run for our money.

I am also having the children again tomorrow.

So today was a productive day. On top of the extra children, I mopped the kitchen floor, washed 7 loads of laundry and dried the same amount. Unfortuneately folded none. I vacuumed the entire downstairs that is carpeted. I tidied up the office, but have not swept or mopped the floor in there. I filed our taxes. DH gets a refund, under-employed and under-productive tax-wise Moi gets no refund. And, I put an offer in on a house in Cambridge.

This is not the one we were considering before. This one is considerably smaller. But it was the first one that my DH expressed any interest in, and he expressed a great deal of interest in this one. The man is a Car Salesman’s Dream Client. Within earshot of the lady who met us at the house, after walking in the front door, DH proclaimed, “This is the house I want.”

It is an Estate Sale, and the Executor’s Wife is the Listing Realtor. She was the one who heard the comment.

I am not sure we will get what we offered, and we do have some room to go up. This is going to be tighter compared to our Stratford situation, especially because we don’t have rental income. However, I am hoping that I significantly over-estimated our costs. When budgeting for this time around, I simply kept the numbers for utilities, groceries, and what not at what we are paying in our current situation and simply tacked on the mortgage payment and property taxes. I am hoping that this would give me a very accurate representation.

So… even more news! Tomorrow is my hubbies 30th birthday! Yes, he is younger than I! 🙂

I had arranged for his parents to come Saturday for a visit, but he called and cancelled it because he had an opportunity to work. And he took a shift on Saturday.

I am really praying hard for a change in his heart. That he may have peace with our situation. I hate to have to show him the budget, and haven’t, but I had to show him my figures for the house. I told him that I was on the high side as far as I was concerned. Going from a 3,000 sq. ft. home to an 850 sq. ft. home, I am expecting some reductions in cost! But he didn’t take the extra shifts because of this, he had already done all the re-arranging of my plans before I showed him the new figures.

I also don’t point out, any more, that all his extra working is actually costing him a lot more in taxes. I can’t say for sure, but I do believe we’d actually have more money coming in if he worked less. Each year he works more, we get less and considerably less money from the government. But we do get to pay more taxes. Currently we are in the middle tax bracket, but on the lower end. It is my understanding that this basically puts us in the same situation of being on the high end of the lowest tax bracket… the difference being that I would have my husband around some more.

But when a person won’t listen, there is no need to speak!

So tomorrow I have to go to the bank and sign some paperwork because I pulled all the funds out of my Money Market fund to make some money available for the down payment. Please pray that the other down payment which is currently tied up with the other guy of the Stratford house having gone to India, become available in time for this house.


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4 Responses to Offer Presented and Taxes Filed

  1. lovingewe says:

    Roberta take hold there will be other taxes you can claim against when you own a house ( Capital gains I think its called) Dh is the accountant not me I only know animals and their mess! I believe too that starting this year there is a program that if your child goes to a private school you will be able to claim it or there is a way now that you can get grants for children between grade 1-8 that gives you up to $5000. DH says it doesn’t work for us because second daughter does internet schooling which is covered under Ontario Ed Act. But if we would registar our home as a private school for youngest( how? don’t know yet) we can write a % of the books and computer stuff. Worth looking into.I have seen the ads on TV but that doesn’t help much.

    Hope all goes well with the house offer. You don’t sound completely thrilled with it. My guess you like it because DH wants it?

    Take heart you will be happy because it will be yours.

  2. lovingewe says:

    Isn’t there a special thing you get as well because this is your first house? Or is that gone away with now. Use to be a first time buyer break.

  3. jodysgirl94 says:

    I hope you get the perfect house for your family. 🙂

    I’m rooting for ya!

  4. songbirdy says:

    The Current program for first time home buyers allows us to pull funds from our RRSP’s and apply them to a mortgage. We did that. Currently the money is sitting in our bank account.

    Tonight I received their counter-offer. We are putting in one more offer. I am to get the Realtor a cheque and he will show them that he has it to kind of show them that we are firm in our offer but that we are not willing to move too much.

    The Realtor had to talk to me a bit as they didn’t come down all that much in their price. We did set what we thought was a good value on the home, so we will see. Also, the Executors of the property were expecting two other offers but they didn’t get them… so perhaps that will show them. I told the Realtor that I would rather then just wait a bit longer and let the house sit and try again later on… LOL! This stuff is so silly, in my opinion! I’d rather sit down for a cuppa tea and have it all done with!

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