Parenting Decision

Its is evening as I write, so Good Evening Ladies.

Tonight I am having a bit of a think time.  Last night I finished my first sock for myself.  This was a very joyous event as things have been going 90 klicks an hour and I was really happy to finally finish a sock.  Even more exciting was that it was the first time I could actually get the grafting right across the entire tip of the sock.

Now, with the kids, I know that out of sight means they are more likely to behave.  So my knitting is kept in a suitcase and out of sight when I am done with it for the evening.  They know they are not to touch the suitcase.

However this morning I went and opened the suitcase to cast on the second sock and only found two of my five Rosewood needles!  To celebrate my successes in knitting socks, and because I had received a nice tip from my babysitting I had splurged on $15.99 plus taxes Rosewood DPN’s in my most used size.  When I bought them, I passed my other set on to a newer knitter in my church.  One of the pass along the wealth things.  They were really awesome to work with!  I just simply told my hubby that, “they weren’t cheap.”

So I dumped the suitcase and tore through it.  Having my stomach start to fall out, I called to the kids.  I don’t know answered.  So I searched the room they sleep in and found half a broken needle.  Eventually they admitted.  DS took them out of the suitcase to unlock the bathroom door since DD had locked herself in.  But he mixed up how he should unlock them and passed one under the door.  Realizing his wrong he went and got two more of the needles.  IN the meantime DD broke one trying to open the door.  Then he stuck one in the door and broke it.  The third was broke when DD remembered how to unlock herself and he was pushing on the door and snapped it too!

I was so mad!!!  I realize it wasn’t a huge deliberate sin!  But they knew better, and they knew I was right there and available to help them.  I was more upset that they hid it!  And… well, I felt silly buying the needles in the first place.  I was told that the tip was mad money and I was supposed to do something really special with it, but it still felt silly and here it was ruined!

Anyhow, the kids are off screens for at least a week.  Today they were really acting up.  SO I warned them that we are quickly heading towards the second week.  Of course this punishes me a fair amount too!

As for my sock, I don’t have the same size any more and am not sure what to do now!  I’ll think about it.

The kids will do extra work to “compensate.”  But this is one of those times that compensation just doesn’t work!  I have no clue when I will get more mad money!  And I won’t spend this out of budget!

On a slightly different note:  This weekend was my husband’s mother’s parent’s anniversary.  [My MIL’s parent’s anniversary]

What a spectacle!  My hubby’s one Uncle showed up.  And very nearly immediately his one brother and sister and all their children left.  Yes, the one Uncle is not acting as a Believing Christian right now!  But the response was, in my opinion not Christian either!  Especially the one scene that plays in my mind, DH’s Grandfather chasing the Uncle down the hallway, fists raised and yelling.

What infuriates me the most is that I now have to explain, rather try to explain, to my children this situation.

Also, today blazing e-mails were sent all over cyber-space.  You should know that you are reading the words of a woman now condemned!

I could go on, but wont!  I agree with those who left as to the Biblical place that Uncle is in with his actions.  But their actions, in my opinion, place them with him just as much.  And I want to be clear for the record… I was already there warming the pew for them.  I do not see my reaction as holier than they!

Anyhow!  What a convoluted mess!  The most ironic part!  We were so strongly pressured to move closer to “home.”  Um, no!

Tomorrow we are off to Cambridge to go house hunting!  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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5 Responses to Parenting Decision

  1. gingerporter says:

    Birdy…they had to go searching for the needles….no need for you to be upset. Mine have had to learn the mantra….”If it wasn’t given to you by me, or as a gift,If it doesn’t have your name on it…then it is not yours and it is probably mine…therefore you do not touch it.” If you do there will be consequences…..and don’t even try to hide it when you’ve broken it….they will now actually come to me and tell me when they have broken something.

    As to the other issues….I am sorry….I got your message so I will be calling tomorrow night…if you need to vent…I hope it gets better and you have fun house hunting.

  2. I would be very angry about the needles also. Like Ginger said, they went and took them. And then they damaged them and HID the evidence. You are right in being angry.

    So sorry about the family mess. This is one reason I am very thankful we don’t live by family! I hope the situation gets better.

    Have fun house hunting! I hope you find something suitable for your family today.

  3. Elaine says:

    I’m with Ginger & Beth about the needles – they may have been a frivelous purchase but that doesn’t change that they were your and the kids were explicitely told not to touch them.

    I’ll be praying for your house hunting and the family issues. (((hugs)))

  4. lovingewe says:

    best wishes on the hosue hunting.
    Must be in the air. Having bad days. Kids will be kids. They thought they were in the right. bet they saw you do that once with your knitting needles. Too bad they didn’t feel confident enought to tell you. But kids will be kids.
    You will have to borrow some needles to finish that sock or I’m afraid your temper might get out of wack with no TV for a week! Knitting relaxes you. tell DH its you medical therepy and get some needles.

  5. Melanie says:

    Oh, a knitting disaster! 😦 If it makes you feel any better, my kids have bent and broken more needles than I can count. And to be honest, I’ve broken my fair share as well. It just happens. It’s a bummer when it happens to the rosewood needles, though. I only have a few sets of those.

    If you have needles close to the same size, you should be able to get the same tension if you knit extra tight (for larger needles) or knit extra loose (for smaller needles.) Good luck!

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