March Break

Well, Hello!

It is March Break for the Public Schools up here this week.  My church is running its VBS program this week.  It is run by my Home school mentor and another really wonderful lady from the congregation.  I volunteered to teach the Bible story for each day.

That means that myself and another volunteer teach the same Bible story 4 times each morning.  The other volunteer is my mentor’s eldest daughter and she operates a puppet Koala.  I am out front and interacting with the children.  I had to re-write nearly every script so that we could get the week to flow well as the scripts were actually designed to be taught by a different person each day.

This week we also have my DD’s annual check-up to see if she still has Urine Reflux.  I am praying that God has seen fit to heal my daughter’s body and that she will not need surgery.  We will be going in Thursday morning.

This has made me kind of pensive!  That and the issue with the house 🙂   Lots to be pensive over!

Then there is my recent studies into Charlotte Mason.  I think instinctively I have gone with her methods.  So I am really doing as deep a study into her philosophy of education and methods.  I would like to go this route with my children.  However, I want to really understand what she means before I attempt to take us this route!

It really helps that it seems so natural!  One of my main struggles right now is our location.  I know she would think it great and awesome being that we live in the relative country.  But the truth is, being so close to the highway, I really think it would go contrary to what she says.  And being in the city the children and I could at least try more experiences and not have to constantly worry about getting back in time for Daddy.

In regards to the house.  The Seller is in India.  So we can’t get our deposit back at the moment.

Next week Tuesday, we hope, we will be going to meet with a Realtor we trust more than the current fellow.  He will be showing us homes that are close to my parents and within about 30 mins from his factory.  This would make me very happy.  And on Sunday, on the way home from Soup Sunday, we went and drove through the general area.  I believe the area would be okay with him too.

So… as far as conclusions 😆  I have none to give.  I pray and hope that you are well.

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2 Responses to March Break

  1. Elaine says:

    Praying that God will reveal to both of you just where He wants you to be. It is hard knowing that you need to move, want to move but don’t know where to move. 🙄

  2. Bekki says:

    Have been thinking of you a lot lately. I am glad there is a realtor out there that you do trust. Hope it brings the move and peace you are seeking. (I’ll be thinking o fyou and your Dd too. I’ve only ever known one little girl with UR, and she was just an aquaintance, but I do remember her mum saying how painful it was. So I hope God has healed her.)

    Happy up and over day!

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