Sunday Night Musing

I am not sure really where this entry is going to go, I thought I had better just start in typing.  Usually it is on the nights that I don’t think I can find much to say, that the words start flowing and I have to spend a whole lot of time editing myself down to a reasonable length!

One happy piece of news for myself.  I decided that I needed to really switch up my evening Bible study time to the morning.  It seemed like every where I turned the words, “in the morning,” “made new in the morning,” “in the dawn,” etc were being pressed upon me.  Having tried this in the past and having given up easily because of various valid reasons, I was very cautious about trying to start this habit again.  I am going on the second week of this now.  This week has been harder and I realize that again there are valid reasons for it to be more difficult, however, I am very happy with the fact that I have been doing pretty well at this new habit.  What is more, the study that I have been using has been such a blessing to me when having to deal with all the situations that have been coming our way!

On a side note, the children have really noticed and been fairly good about my wanting to get this study time done.  I am getting up earlier than they, but they started getting up earlier too.  Thankfully they have kind of hit a maximum threshold for early rising and I am usually nearly finished by the time they wake up!  I also learned how to make sure that Nick the cat doesn’t escape because he will go and wake the children up!

The housing saga:  Currently things have not changed.  Our lawyer has not called us back, but I believe this is because the Seller we have been dealing with is notorious for not responding.  Any time the lawyer has had some information for us, he has been prompt in calling.

However!  Things are not all the same.  We had given notice at our current situation to give the landlord time to replace us and as we didn’t want to be rude and leave him in a bad situation.  When we had realized that the sale of the house had to be extended, I had found us a place to live in the in between time.  However I contacted the Landlord and he agreed that we could stay here, “in the same current conditions.”  To me that meant the last arrangements, which were to live here rent free but paying Utilities.  As per what we agreed upon for February.

Yesterday he came and asked for February’s rent money.  I told him we had agreed upon rent free.  No, he said we went back to the original deal.  Whats more he wants rent for March too.  I said no!  I paid him Utilities and said that we would not be paying rent.  What is worse, he was not asking for the rent that we had agreed upon before, because we had ended our previous arrangement.  No, he wants more rent!   I said NO!

So I will start packing tomorrow.  I don’t know what God has in mind, but Joshua and I are fairly sure that it isn’t to stay here.

We just really hope we have an answer soon!  It is so hard to trust and wait, especially in this situation!

So that is about all that is going on around this house!  On Saturday I was feeling particularily moody.  I decided to start a stash busting project.  As of last measure I have finished 18 inches of knitting in the round double stranded.  I am going to make it into a vest for myself.  I figure it isn’t stylish, but it will be warm!  And it is soothing to just sit there and knit away!

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2 Responses to Sunday Night Musing

  1. jodysgirl94 says:

    God is so great! He has a wonderful plan for you and your family!

    Hang in there, Sweetie.

  2. lovingewe says:

    Oh Roberta!
    I’m at a lost of what to say to comfort you. I shall be praying for you and Joshua that an door will open that will help you out of the situation. It must be heart renching when you have been through so much this last year.
    Take heart that you are loved and cared for by our Creator.

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