Hack, Hack, Cough, Sputter, Gasp… I’m Alive!

I am so fed up with this sore throat thing.  The top of my throat is so sore and not well.  I am hacking away trying to clear my throat.  I wake myself up at night.

There is a lot of talk in medical circles about the next Epidemic.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it stems from something like what I have right now.  I’ve been dealing with this since before Christmas.  I seriously thought I cleared the virus early January, but it is coming back with a vengence.  I can only imagine how someone in less healthy condition would deal with being mildly sick all the time.

My poor little daughter got up this morning and begged me to start school so that she could get going on her new materials.  Her BJU kit arrived this past Friday.  I spent several hours organizing and just ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the materials.  Anyhow, she sat there and worked very hard through her materials.  Once done her math work, she admitted to me that she wasn’t feeling very well.  I had noticed that she looked flushed.  Well I took her temperature and it was soaring!  The sweet little one wanted to do her school work quickly so that she could go back to bed.  And she did.  She slept for about 6 hours today!  Currently she is up and appears to be well, but I will give her a bit of “sleepy” cold medicine and put her to bed on time.

My son appears to be okay for now.  He has a bit of a stronger constitution.  Mind you, he doesn’t have a kidney condition in the first place!

The biggest thing that bothers me right now is the interupted sleep.  Mind you, as a parent I can not imagine any great length of time since I have had my son that I got uninterupted sleep.  Somethings that we talk about as given in life really aren’t!

My husband listen’s to Pod-cast’s from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Anyhow, they had one a few months ago on sleep.  It was fascinating.  In  times before electricity, it was common to follow the sun and go to sleep soon after it set.  However, it was also the norm to wake up half-way through the night for a few hours.  Especially if there was a good moonlight.  This is from where we get the whole “whitching hour” concept.  It was speculated that many liked to “write” during this time because they felt that the muses were more readily accessible during this time of the night.

I thought that this was fascinating and had decided to celebrate my interupted nights.  Sadly… I haven’t!  I figure that I haven’t lived up to the going to bed at Sundown bit so I really shouldn’t be expected to fully celebrate my interupted nights.  LOL!

Sweet dreams to you!

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5 Responses to Hack, Hack, Cough, Sputter, Gasp… I’m Alive!

  1. lovingewe says:

    You poor thing. I hope you do get a good sleep and start to feel better. Nothing worst them mommy being ill. Oh yes sorry there is……DADDY being ill, or deathly, you have never seen his so ill,I don’t know if I’ll make it till tomorrow sick. Can you guess what I am dealing with tonight.

    Hugs to you. XXX

  2. tresses says:

    Awwww, your DD wanted to do school, even though she felt awful! I hope the BJU works for you, but even more, I hope you are all feeling healthy ASAP.


  3. gingerporter says:

    I’m sorry you are not feeling well Birdy.

    You need some nice mint and honey tea…that always help my throat…or a swig of Dr. Tischner’s mouth wash.

    That is what our music director recommends before singing if we should come down with a cold or sore throat…I can attest to the fact that that stuff will kill whatever is ailing you….blech…double blech.
    But it works….

  4. Elaine says:

    Sorry to hear that you and your DD aren’t feeling well.
    Get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. 🙂

  5. Bekki says:

    Aw what a sweety, she insisted on school. That’s so adorable. I’m sorry she’s not well. And you too.
    I do hope you manage to get a good nights sleep soon. It’s the pits being sick, especially since as a wife and mum you don’t get to wallow in it like the rest of the family.

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