A Few Things

This week I spent a few days sitting some children of a friend of my husband and I.  Anyhow their son is very similar to mine in behaviour, except that my son is seven and has out grown some of his behaviour but their son is three.

So that meant I spent a lot of time  monitoring the children.  Rather than just sit on the sofa, I spent the time knitting.

I was knitting my husband a pair of socks for Valentine’s Day, but his face wasn’t appreciative, nor his words, “But I wanted a hat!”

Plus my son had waited so very patiently for his socks, so I knit his socks too.

Joshua’s Valentine Hat

That is Joshua’s Valentine’s Hat!   It was my very first Cable knitting project.

Seven Year Old Son’s socks

Side View of DS’s socks

And those would be my son’s socks!

Now, I have told everyone their demands are no longer welcome.  First Mommy will get her pair of socks.  After which, I will finish the two knitting projects left on my list.  Then I will choose and do what I please with my knitting!

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10 Responses to A Few Things

  1. Melanie says:

    You did a great job on your projects – I especially like the hat. I wish my husband would wear cables. Or color patterns or anything other than solid gray stockinette stitch.

    And you should definitely make something for yourself before you take on any special orders! 😆

  2. appliejuice says:

    You did a great job! I am impressed. 😀

  3. Elaine says:

    I agree w/Melanie, make something just for you. Love what you did and the colors.:)

  4. Bekki says:

    My, you have been busy. They all look great. I am sooo chomping at the bit to try my hand at socks. It’s the fault of all the DY ladies. I have never been game enough before. (Two needles, normal needles is challenging enough for me!)

    I agree w the other ladies, make yourself something, and in no way should it be practical, it should be beautiful (kind of functional) and completely luxurious.

  5. fourhisglory says:

    Hi Birdy!

    You did a fabulous job on the hat and socks. Dh has been asking for a hat too, but I don’t think I will venture out and make one like that. I am still trying to finish his socks.

  6. jodysgirl94 says:

    You did a wonderful job! I absolutely LOVE the socks!

  7. lovingewe says:

    Glad you checked in Birdy. Have been worried about you.
    Joshua’s hat is very handsom ( can’t say beautiful its for a guy- right?) You did a wonderful job. Now get on with your socks. You deserve them.
    Great job and thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the hat and the socks! Your gusset……it is different, like the kind you get at the store. I have never done one of those. Is it easy?

  9. songbirdy says:

    Thanks Ladies.

    I have started to feel a bit under the weather (that is stating it mild). I discovered a mold problem in the house.

    CC, I think that the picture doesn’t show the gusset right. To me it isn’t like store socks. If you want the gusset to go on an angle, they are called “short row” gusset. I have not tried that yet. These socks were the typical flap and pick up. I should have made the flap bigger so I think they are pulled on an angle in the picture…

    Thank you for all the compliments, it makes a girl feel better!

  10. Sheri says:

    Your knitted items are lovely, Birdy! You seem to have a gift for it. 🙂

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