Things I Believe

Everyone has different approaches to how they deal with their lives.  I grew up overseas and didn’t come to Canada to live until I was 14.  During my time growing up, I was a minority.  I was a minority white, I was a minority at my school as a missionary kid.  I was a minority in that my classmates were from wealthier diplomatic families.  I was a minority as a Canadian, as there were farm more American, Austrailians, and English Expatirates in the country.  In the missionary circles, we were a minority as my father was a Director and we lived in the capital city.  Most of the missionary families lived in the surrounding country-side.  In truth, I wasn’t even really a missionary kid, because my father worked for a Church Sponsored Relief Agency.  He wasn’t a Missionary by definition, but he was allowed to talk about Christ if asked.  The agency my father worked for was first and foremost a Relief Agency.

I grew up in the Christian Reformed Church.  But growing up, we attended a multi-denominational church in Bangladesh.  The reason this church was formed was because the Missionaries were finding that having several denominations was confusing their new Christians.  They were finding that new Believer’s were picking their church based on what they wanted.  Some went to a Baptist branch that okayed eating out on Church Days.  Others picked our church because we weren’t against playing card games.  The Missionaries realized that our fractured churches were distracting from the True Message.

So I remember church services where the Roman Catholic’s would be served Mass by a Priest.  At the same time, my friends would be allowed to have the Lord’s Supper because their denomination believed that children could participate in the Lord’s Supper.  I was never allowed, because that wasn’t how it was done in our church back home.

I remember watching my brother’s getting Baptized as infants, and then watching adults getting Baptized too.

I grew up in a place where so much time and effort was put into learning to appreciate the beauty in each other’s interpretations of the Bible.  I also learned that it is okay for me to truly believe that you are wrong in your understanding of certain Christian “Functions” or “Sacraments.”

More importantly, I was taught that I don’t have to hammer those thoughts at you.  I don’t ever have to mention them to you.  To me, I saw a powerful testimony that the Harmony of Believer’s was a far stronger witness to the Truth of the Bible than any one church’s understanding of the Bible.

Recently, events have led me to realize that this however can be very offensive to other’s.  Especially when you see my quietness as a weakness or a lack of unbelief.  My lack of vigoursly touting out what I understand to be Human interpretations of the Bible, have allowed some people to take comments I have made and assume things about me without ever asking.

I am never opposed to telling you what I believe.  I will continue to work hard a living what I believe.  I just ask, take the time to find out by asking me if your assumptions of me are correct.  It grieves me to loose fellowship over something that isn’t true.  Still, that is life and I will have to continue to live.

For your curiousity sake, I still attend a Christian Reformed Church.  I feel that the denomination has problems, but have decided that me leaving would not further Christianity on bit!  My Christian faith is strongly influenced by Calvin, Luther, and other Protestant theologians and writers.

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4 Responses to Things I Believe

  1. lovingewe says:

    Hi Birdy

    I’m back! The computer is fixed and I have on-line service again.

    Sweet girl you do take things seriously don’t you? And you know what I am! Remember that Jesus said John15:20 paraphrased ” If they have persecuted me they will persecute you also”. hense persecution can actually be a good thing. But self distruction based on persecution or ” the fear of man” Ps 118:6 isn’t worth your troubles.

    Square those shoulders and get to reading the Bible. Your answers are all there.

    PS see I have a blog now too? Frustrating getting it up and going though. Wrote in my old blog today with photo’s of lambs.


  2. postcardsfromthekitchenbench says:

    I enjoy reading your thoughts on God, the Bible and how you incorporate those things into your daily life. I would never pressume to know where a particular notion came from, or judge you for it either, regaurdless of whether I agreed or not.

    I am Catholic. Aside from my mother’s Pagan beliefs it is all I have ever known. I have found myself infinately curious about the Lutheran faith though. I’m not sure why. (My german roots perhaps?) And yet there is that Catholic brain and heart of mine that wants to know and discover but isn’t sure she could ever convert. Even if the desire was there. I’m babbling now, this is what you do to me, you always make me think about what it is I truly feel.

    It’s one of the reasons I like you so much!

  3. sleepymamma says:

    I enjoyed reading about what you believe. I think the part that caught my eye the most was about people taking your quietness the wrong way. I completely understand. I have always been known as the quiet one!! But then I heard something that really made me think-“witness always and when neccesary use words”

  4. gingerporter says:

    Hello Birdy….I posted a reply to this on the forum but am not sure if you saw it.

    I liked what you said…..but I usually do….yes please you may add me to your blog roll if you have not all ready done so….

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