It smells like BBQ Chicken tonight!

Mmm, I just put the darling children to bed.  They are tired!  That’s fine with me as it means that the only sound I currently hear are the cats romping around upstairs.

That and the wind.  The wind is ferocious tonight.  The plastic that is still intact on our windows on the North side of the house is blown in by a whole 6 inches from the window frame.  That is a strong wind!  Upstairs in my bedroom, the wind is coming up through the floor and has blown my husband’s flyers on the floor across the room.  Needless to say, I have 4 layers on, and am considering adding a 5th.

School went really well today.  I am very please with my son’s ennunciation when reading.  I am very picky, but he has improved to the point that generally he gets all of his words out correct.  No leaving off “s” or “ed” or “ing.”  It is a shock to me, because I realized tonight that it was about a year ago that he finally just understood the basics of reading.

Currently, we are using a KinderSurprise Reward system for school.  They do a good day’s work, and once they are finished school they may have a KinderSurprise.

This past Friday I went to Toronto with the children after dropping Joshua off at work to pick up our Nissan from the Body shop where it was repaired after our accident on the 401.  We went to a Chapters Book store while spending time waiting for the highway traffic to be more reasonable to drive.  The kids thought they were in wonderland!  We ended up buying a book for each member of the family.  Then we went to IKEA, and bought some inexpensive cabinet knobs for our new house.  I took the opportunity to walk us through all the displays.  The boy was terrified as he had never been in such a big store and really thought we would never be able to find our way out!

Once I was fairly confident that the highway would be less heavily traffic’d, the kids and I left for Guelph.  We got to Guelph a good hour before we had to pick up Joshua.  So the kids asked if we could Please, Please, PLEASE go to another one of those awesome book stores.  So we did.  While there, I saw that the Magic Tree House books were on sale.  They were $4.50 a piece, and if you bought 2, the 3rd was free!  It was very hard for me to be controlled, but I  bought the first 6 books of the series.  It was my thought that this series will spark his interest for reading on his own.

I think that this is going to be the case.  The books are slightly above his reading level.  However, we have a deal.  He reads one chapter and I will read him one in return.  So far, he has read me a chapter every day except yesterday.  That was my fault because I lost track of time.

It just really excites me that he is now reading an average of 20 pages a day!

What is also exciting is that my daughter is starting to read too.  I have been struggling with finding a good place for her regarding school work.  She wants to read.   She knows her letter sounds and combinations.  And she listens carefully to her brother’s phonic’s lessons.  In fact, today when she was sounding out the word “bike” she looked at me and said, “That’s a silent ‘e’ so ‘i’ says it’s name, right?”

I managed to get out a yes.  LOL!  She is only five!  And to think that I was really afraid of having to teach someone to read.  Thank the Lord, the child is teaching herself.

In a completely different thought, but one that makes me excited, bread machines…  Recently the children and I have been making ourselves two loaves of bread daily because, quite frankly, between the four of us we eat that much bread.  I like to make our bread because I like knowing that it doesn’t stay fresh.  If you follow what I mean.  We have a bread machine, but one of its loaves was actually not enough to give us all 3 or so slices of bread at lunch.  Hence the from scratch double loaves daily.

Since my bread machine was sitting unused and my brother had expressed a desire to have a bread machine, I sent it with my mother the other day for him to borrow and try.

Today my husband came down from his room and browsed the store flyers.  Before leaving for work he showed me that one of the local stores has a 3 lb bread machine for 30% off.  My husband pointed out that this would likely be big enough for us.

So I called up my brother and he has agreed to keep our current bread machine and contribute towards buying us a new bigger bread machine.

Things like that, make me happy!


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One Response to It smells like BBQ Chicken tonight!

  1. Melanie says:

    Congratulations! Isn’t reading exciting? I think teaching my kids to read has to be my favorite part of homeschooling. 🙂

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