Why can’t I ever just be Happy?

[Posted first: August 7, 2006]

I am such a silly nut. I like to tell myself that I am constantly “changing things” or making comments about stuff because I am trying to be “proactive about my environment,” or “constantly looking to better myself and others.”

I manage to believe that I am not complaining about stuff, rather, seeing ways to improve things! lmfao.gif

I was going to post an entry about how way too big this house is. But then I got to thinking about our last house. The actual okay living space was way too small. It was a smaller area than the first appartment DH and I had.

The truth is that no area is too big or too small, I just need to do right by the space.

In the case of the small house, I should have let go some of our furniture and got stuff appropriate for the space. But then’s occur… but we won’t stay here forever… but the stuff was gifts from family, but really truly most of the stuff we needed… but, but, but.

So here with the too big house. I was thinking about it this morning. I have two rooms basically not being used. I think I should really close off another, possibly one more. Actually couldn’t close off another two. But I would love to chop about 4 feet off the width and lenth of every room in the house… that would work (like 4 people need 4000 sq. feet of house!)

Anyways I got to thinking more. There are a few pieces of furniture I am holding on to in case we move into a house in the future that doesn’t have amazing closets like here. I think I have come to the conclusion that I am going to free them at the highway side. Last time I did that with about 6 pieces of furniture it too 30 mins for all of them to be gone. And they were yucky!

My life now would be less cluttered. And down the road, God will provide.

Tomorrow my DH is working. I’m going to be lugging stuff out and placing my free sign… I’m going to also place his roto-tiller out with a sign… Perhaps I’ll come off with some money for the tiller…
[Posted first: August 7, 2006]

And I’m going to think about closing off the extra room. It doesn’t really affect our heating costs, since we have to leave the vents open so that our room will get some heat… hmm… I’ll let you know later!

In the meantime… for all of those of you who do amazing cleaning jobs… I’m going to pretend that I would do a much better job with cleaning if I had a much smaller house. I have to say that at our last house I did actually do a much better job… roflol.gif (I started flylady there since I had little choice!)

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