We’re Basically Done School for the Day

[Posted first: December 6, 2006]

Well, we are basically done school for today, and I think I will try those knitting needles again. I think that being tired, while it has left me “sensitive” it has taken away a bit of the edge of my stress.

Ever had the experience where you have been told all your life not to do something because it “isn’t good!” and then… You find almost everyone except your family telling you that you really should do this?

I don’t want to go into specifics yet. But I’ve got the church leadership and some experts saying “do this” and I’ve got what my family taught me growing up and some early reactions from my family saying “don’t you dare!”

My DH is dealing with this effectively. He is in his usually, “I don’t want to talk about it!” Which is… not helping me! lmfao.gif

And the last few weeks of “school” for us has also placed another conviction on me. I really think I need to go and get some really good testing for DS on the ADD/ADHD issue. I found out that the specialist we’ve seen before has been publically discredited for not being qualified to say on this issue. And I can see that our son really gets things (like reading) but can’t bring it consistantly forward. He can’t seem to control his activity/fidgetting.

This doesn’t mean that I would medicate him. Far from that! But… if I can find better strategies! And not have to feel like I am digging from deep within every time to find a solution, and that I can take someone else’s wisdom, I would like to further explore that route.

And then there is Christmas! I’d deny it, but the snow and cold is pretty hard to ignore! lmfao.gif

Here’s a shot of the board from this morning:
Attached Image

And here are my lovely new non-slip slippers! Who woulda thunk that going with sale summer sneakers would leave me more stylish than those way more expensive and not so stylish Bear Claw slippers? laugh.gif

Attached Image

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