The School Room

[Posted first: August 17, 2006]

So, since you like pictures and I feel like sharing, I thought this would be perfect!

First for DonnaMichelle… its out there on the WWW!

Attached Image

Looking into the room:

Attached Image

Looking straight back, note our ceilings are high, the bookshelf is 6 ft tall:

Attached Image

The Kindy Korner:

Attached Image
Here we are looking at Grade Two, the Roman blind is up… you can see the road:

Attached Image

Then we have Grade Two with the model, (again, he isn’t paid, so he is acting. He was clear this should be stated for the record):

Attached Image

And last the view as you start to leave the room. You can see the old desk of DS’s… it is holding the pencil sharpener, the hole-puncher, stapler, and tape… and the art portfolios:

Attached Image

Thank you very much for touring the room with me… I’m sure you caught a glimpse of my new to me laptop and the big green ball that I sit on when working away!

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