The Great Squeaking Mouse

[Posted first: August 15, 2006]

Speaking of mice… its no wonder that the Great Squeakin’ Mouse made an appearance at my house again this morning.

Let me take you on a journey back through time. You are about to join a young couple and their child, a precious 18 month old boy in a small tin box care. They are on a major *freeway* in Toronto, the biggest city in Canada. On their way to a wedding, they were on the least accessible to off-ramps portion of Canada’s largest highway… the collector lanes to this highway have collector lanes.

It is summer time. The wife is 7 month pregnant with their second. They have been in the car for about 4 hours. The DS was sleeping. But they are caught in the worst kind of traffic jam… a slow, then quick dash, then slow moving traffic jam. The construction was bad enough at slowing down this sprawling maze of pavement… but combine that with someone who decided to make an unscheduled lane change and unallowed exit off this restricted highway… taking out 3 long haul rigs in the process… they managed to close off 15 of the 16 lanes of traffic on that side of the highway.

The car’s lack of soothing humming has caused the child to wake up. The car’s lack of air conditioning… combined with the fact that they are moving too much to allow him to be free of his car seat… has combusted this little angelic boy into a raging little monster of frustration.

Suddenly… the child is quiet. He appears to be asleep. The parents relax… and start to feel a bit better…

And then it begins… THE GREAT SQEAKIN’ MOUSE!

At the top of his little lungs the child starts makeing this mouse squeaking sound. Only, its lounder… higher pitched, and much, much, more annoying!

The parents make one fatal error. They react, and they react fast… The boy has learned… when all else fails! The Great Squeakin’ Mouse gets Mom and Dad’s attention like nothing else. Hey, it even got the attention of the cars around their car… Actually, people start to allow the parents to pass them… and they are sure that a red-faced little boy, squeaking at the top of his lungs, windows rolled down because of the heat, has allowed them to pass through the monster jam at an amazing pace. The Ontario Provincal Police even waved them through…

The look on his face… VICTORY!

Fast-forward… and the 2 1/2 year old has taught his 6 month old sister the power of the GSM.

The parents, though they try valiently to gain back that moment in time and not react… the GSM almost always illicits a response.

And that… my dear friends is the story and on going saga of the GSM!

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