Still Planning

[Posted first: June 23, 2006]

I just wanted to post some Tada’s for myself.

Last night I, oops, sorry, I had to pick my head up off the keyboard, sorry for snoring!

Last night I was up until 1:30 am. You need to consider I normally go to bed around 10:30 pm.

The thing was I had no clue I was up so late.

First I had this book I downloaded and was reformating. Some of that good old flexibility in me, it has to be in a different font and the spacing was all wrong. I was sure I could fit it on less than 123 pages. I’ve got it onto 76 pages at the moment. But I have only entirely reformated about 12 pages so far.

Then, I err, joined and got a membership to E… So… err, I spent a lot of time printing off this and that because it goes perfectly with x, y or z.

Of course I had my custom designed planner. So I wanted to have something tactile to show DH, since I didn’t want to admit that I had “joined” something else for HomeSchooling.

My goal is to plan 6 weeks of stuff. By plan I mean have my add-ins ready to go, my crafts planned and supplies on hand, etc. I want be able to know that what I need is there.

Being that I am so flexible, I didn’t want any surprises.

So, I have Bible lessons for 6 weeks planned. I am using two texts at the moment. It works out really well. Sometimes there are two lessons in a row on the same subject, but different point of views. Other times, one will discuss a story the other doesn’t. For example, Gideon and Deborah. I am happy with the way that has worked out.

I have both children’s phonics. I printed off a few extras from Echanted. I also have a fair number of items from Donna’s site. Mostly I need things for DD. She consumes paper activities. Yes, ladies, when I am done with her there will be another Staples Addicted Lady on the planet earth!

I also printed off a bunch of suggested flash cards for DS’s Explode the Code. He is very tactile and these will help, I believe. I hadn’t realized they had cards I could buy, and I would have. I have a feeling my creating the cards takes more time then it would have to just purchase them.

Then I started working on Science. That requires a lot of copying and supplies. If I have a todo, I pull a little post-it sticky, put it on the front cover of my planner with what needs doing, and for which week of school.

I have used that technique before and it works well.

Well, I think my coffee IV is finally kicking in! I used to go to a naturopathic doctor to try and help me with issues that I have resulting from my daughter’s birth. I don’t drink (grew up on the mission field and wasn’t exposed), I don’t smoke (witnessed my Opa die of a collapsed lung, first a heart attack but the paramedics got it going, the lung killed him), and I don’t do drugs (plain stupidity if you ask me).

That leaves me my coffee. Well, she says, you really should give it up.

NOPE! joe.gif

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