Our Trip

[Posted first: July 7, 2006]

We had a great time yesterday.

I have to say that I think the little “attractions” are the best for learning. I was “tuned” on to this when we went for my DS’s trip to StoryBook Gardens a few weeks ago.

I overheard some parents grumbling about how “lame” the park was. They claimed that the rides were boring, and the attractions pathetic. Meanwhile their young, younger than 6 anyways, children were running around yelling, laughing and generally really enjoying themselves.

Sure it didn’t compare with Canada’s Wonderland, but really, for $20 an entire family, and young children, the park was great. You could easily walk the entire park in about 1/2 an hour if you put your mind to it, but the kids aren’t excited about walking, they are excited about playing.

It made me wonder, especially when a little later, I saw their eldest child telling another child about how lame the park was. It showed me how much our attitudes influence the children.

Anyways, about our trip yesterday. The Joseph Scheider Haus is right in the middle of the city. Right next to huge appartment buildings, etc.

They had a few enactors. There was hardly anyone there. The kids were given activity books to work through the exhibits (two) and then we went into the house museum part. It was great. They collected fire wood. Watered the garden via the pump and buckets. They baked, made candles. Etc.

They had a great time. It was neat to see. And because it was a “lame” little attraction, there was hardly anyone there and we got great attention from the enactors.

Then we went to the farmer’s market. It was a lot of fun and walking. We didn’t bring money, the “borrowed” kids were a little mad about that, but yet another lesson they learned. laugh.gif This week has been about lessons… Poor things lmfao.gif

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