Nick and Paw-casso

[Posted first: November 8, 2006]

Nick and Paw-casso have been adjusting well. I just have to share a “hot-off” the presses story. The DC are watching t.v. at the moment. [we have been doing after lunch school and it is working]

Nick walked up to DS and plopped a frog into DS’s lap. DS IPB Image so loudly DH came storming down the stairs… lmfao.gif rotfl… DS is currently crying that he had to pick one of “those” cats who bring you dead things. Only, as I pointed out to him, the frog wasn’t dead… quite hoppy in fact. I told DS that he has to go and thank Nick for the gift!

Attached Image

Attached Image

I just want to note that it is hard to design cards for a class with one cat in plastic bag and the other cat attacking the same plastic bag. Amusing… but not conductive to card making.

And they aren’t very easy to work with when Scrapbooking either. This time I was sans bag… but they had great fun with paper scraps…

I am going to insert a picture of my Applesauce here… simply because it is Sharing Pictures Day!

Attached Image

I think I have a bit more… I have to go check… in the meantime! Enjoy!

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