Lol!  I should be past the nerve, especially since my previous blog was over 50 pages long, but this is my first official post in my new blog home.

In Shakepeare’s Plays, he often used the weather to mirror the emotions and plot of his plays.  It was a none too subtle way for him to “help” his pesent viewer realize the importance of things happening on the stage in front of them.

In some ironic form, for me, this blogging business is a wee bit like the weather in Shakepeare’s plays.  I first started blogging when I was going to make a major change in our families life.  I say “I” but I mean Joshua and I.  Since he is very much a part of the decisions that happen around here.  Its just that I don’t like to speak for him as he is his own person and is very able to speak for himself.

The change that I am writing about is the choice that we made to Home school our children.  It was very exciting and yet a frustrating time for me.  Especially since the choice was made, but the children were left in their school to finish of the year as they had started it.  So that left me with two months to plan and scheme, but basically feel more on the useless side.  It is one thing to decide to quit your job to do something, another to do so but have to wait to do that something.  I wasn’t too eager to set up too many routines in the in-between time because, well I was just going to have to change them shortly anyways.

Flashing forward to this present reality.  Joshua and I are about to move our family.  We will be moving from large farm homes, to a wee, tiny little Duplex.  Farm people gone city!  For me, this is actually kind of a return as I was a City person gone farming.  Joshua is however, a small town person so this will be a change for him.

We’ve had some complications with this house.  That is putting it mildly.  I am happy to report that it looks like the closing date will in fact be March 4th.  There were suggestions that it wouldn’t occur until April!  However, this is not set in stone.  LOL!  Sorry I can’t help as that is hysterically funny given the history of this deal!  Perhaps at a later date I will share this but I am thinking it doesn’t need to be common knowledge.

Anyhow, as my family home moves, so does my internet home.  Now, if only it would be so easy to pack up the Physical House stuff as it has been for me to pack up the important bits of my blog.

As with any packing, I have taken the time to remove some of the more mundane posts from my former blog.  I have preserved some.  It is often some of the more ordinary stuff of history that intrigues the people of the future, so that is why I have moved some of what I deem to be less interesting stuff along.

Welcome to my new home!  I am happy you came to visit and take a moment to visit me here.  I pray God will bless you, keep you in His Hand, and grant you His peace.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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4 Responses to Nerves

  1. kimhsmom says:

    Roberta =)
    I can post in my blog now. Thank you so much for the help you have given me. I actually made a post and will go get some stuff from my other one.

    I am so excited about the move. I’ll keep you all in my prayers.


  2. songbirdy says:

    You are so welcome! I am excited about the move too! Thank you very much for your prayers!

    (Lol I feel so formal now 🙂

  3. tresses says:

    Wow, you’re moving! You’ll be in my prayers that everything goes smoothly, Roberta, as well as for the transition for your family. 😀

  4. luvironman says:

    Hope that all is well with your move. We’ve been in this house for 17 years. I just can’t imaging moving all this stuff!!!!

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