My Tummy Hurts!

[Posted first: July 21, 2006]

Any time my DD has to do something she doesn’t want to, she says, “but Mommy my tummy hurts.”

So… the brakes on my car started making a noise the day I had to pick up and drive that camping trailer home by myself.

I told DH, “It must be done.”

Then I told the mechanic (our friend from church), the oil change must be done since we have to tow with that car when we go on vacation.

Did I mention that it is a Nissan. The parts are… pricy.

The total bill (in Canadian… I can’t stand to translate)… $698.00

My tummy hurts! dead.gif

And the truth is… When they explained the break down of the bill, I quickly realized that they didn’t charge us for all of his time. I know how much time all the work he did on that car should have taken.

My tummy hurts. Thankfully I DH dropped me off and saw the bill so I didn’t have to try and say that number over the phone.

My tummy still hurts. sad.gif

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