Mom-opoly Mommy Mart

[Posted first: September 10, 2006]

As you know I have been implimenting a new system of chores for the DC. I wanted to build a sort of a reward system into th program… but they don’t really understand money so the 5 cents per chore wasn’t really a motivation for them to get going on their own. And because we live out in nearly nowhere… they don’t have much opportunity to get out and develop an understanding for money.

Friday night was movie night (normally Saturday and this ended up throwing us off on Saturday lmfao.gif), and we were renting James and the Giant Peach… when I saw Monopoly Money for sale at the cash register. That got me thinking, so I bought a pack of the cash.

BTW, on an aside… the movie… I can tell they read the first chapter but after that… they must have started reading a different book, it was a very bad redition of the book. Not much the same at all.

So I decided to pay the kids one Mommy-money $ per chore. Saturday night I added up their completed chores (have have a nice chart on the fridge), I doled out a dollar per each chore completed and stuck it to their chart. The next morning they were 8-o banana.gif . Then I set up the Mommy-Mart…

Attached Image

Mommy-Mart will be open week days after school. They should be able to earn a treat daily or save up… I even have some sale items. I am hoping this helps motivate them (so far the answer is yes) and by being clear from the start about my hours will stop the can I buy at all hours of the day business.

And I told them point-blank… the inventory has been all counted and stealers will be subject to stiff penalty of 1 month of chores without pay. Repeat offenders get an additional month each time (2 months for second offense, 3 for the third, … etc).

Also, if said chore is not completed when their time limit is up, the other sibling has the option of completing the chore for the said $. If the other sibling opts out, the orignal child must complete the chore for free.

But… I carefully priced it so that they won’t get too much candy each day lmfao.gif

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