In Other News

[Posted first: September 5, 2006]

“Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to work they go!”

Yup, it is official I now own a pair of slaves. I got them for the cheap price of my sanity and financial comfort. rolleyes.gif

That would be their understanding of the matter. However, I greatly appreciate their help. Enough to even consider tackling the laundry pile of clean clothes that got away on me.

So if you see some one dressed in socks with Winne the Pooh PJ’s and flip flops running down the highway on the nightly news, just know it is me chasing my clean laundry laugh.gif

School was a bit of a drag today. I tried to send DS down for a nap, as DD and I were bushed. Me from my monster house cleaning yesterday (believe it or not, but the spiders actually had the nerve to build two webs last night!), and I believe that DD is fighting another UTI. He believed that he didn’t need a nap and by this evening was just right squirrly. I just put him to bed about 10 mins ago, and I would say he is sleeping.

Well, I took the time this evening to quick whip off some more flash cards for DS. We are doing lesson 4 of Explode the Code book three today, and he is stunned.gif and of course I was twitchsmile.gif . Every time I make flash cards I don’t hear the end of it from him in complaints, but he seems to pick up the concepts.

DD and I used some of school time to fill-out, address, and stamp her birthday invitations.

In other news, DS is loosing another tooth. I am invited, about every 10 seconds, to feel it or to look or something else tooth related. dead.gif

DH is working, 12 hour shifts again this week, noon to midnight. I just discovered that he is going camping with my brothers and father this weekend. lmfao.gif We were asked in June if he would be interested and he kinda said yes.gif well, it is going and so is he! lmfao.gif Only he is more stunned.gif

roflol.gif I must go and do the dishwasher and such not!

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