Getting Ready for Co-op Skating

[Posted first November 9, 2006]

Apparently this is what Canandians do for fun in the winter. We like to build big huge buildings… and then… refridgerate them so that they are colder than it is outside on a lot of days. Then we like to lace little bits of metal to our feet. That is so we can go sliding around and thumping around on large area’s of water. But instead of going with the nice wet and soft water, we like to freeze the water. That way when you fall down… you get indented. Its all in good fun ya know!

And for the priveledge of these kinds of things… we pay good money! :yes: I think living with lots of snow does do things to the brain.

I can say these things because I am not a real Canadian. Although… I have now lived here longer than anywhere else in the world… I have officially crossed that line a few years back.

What I guess I am trying to say is that today I went out and paid lots of money to buy used equipment so that my DC can go skating on Friday’s with the Co-op. When DS’s school did this last year, I didn’t have any skates and I experienced the joys of walking around the ice pad with my DD while she was supposed to be learning to skate. ONLY, she felt pretty secure in my abilities to walk on ice… she decided that she would skip learning to skate normally and move directly to figure skating.

In an attempt to avoid this lovely experience, and because we have skating every week for a very long time, I decided to shell out the money and buy myself a nice pair of skates. Unfortuneately, I have yet to find a pair of used size 12’s women’s skates (I need the picks to stop)… So in my next entry you will see the lovely photo-journal by my son of me and my new skates.

The DC in their gear… technically they should have a bit more, but my funds ran out. You will notice how my conciencious DD carefully put on her elbow and knee pads… She even put one on her casted elbow.

Attached Image

Here is my DS striking a pose:

Attached Image

And last a close up of my method of making Second Hand Skates Cool! (we still have to sticker our helmets)…

Attached Image

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