First Day in the “Class Room:

[Posted first: June 21, 2006]

I officially finished setting up the classroom for my birthday on Sunday so that we could show it to the Parents/Grandparents and hopefully calm any fears they might have.

So today was our first day in the Classroom. We covered about 4 hours of time, with 3 hours being done before lunch at 1 pm and an hour just done now after supper. [we eat at 4:30 pm since DH has to leave at 5:15pm for work, when he is working his proper shift]

After lunch I had wanted to get right into it, but the kids needed a break. So I took DD to the library to pick up a book they were holding for me. I didn’t want a fine for a book I didn’t pick up, which has happened before. It was then that I picked up my new crockpot.

Of course when I came back I had to make supper. So I pushed the last items back even further.

It was good, up until now, when I had them at home, I just covered Math, Reading and Penmanship. And a few sheets printed off from Donna’s site.

Today I did do some of their actual books. I have everything except for DS’s readers. They are from an Amish Company, and since the Amish don’t use phones the Ciriculum store I purchased them from have to wait for regular mail to get through. But since they are “farm” based stories, I knew that they will attract my DS and worth the wait.

So we did a full course. Which was good. I need to balance things a bit. And I need to have a better system of knowing what supplies I need. I am going to need to print out my planner. I was trying to save paper and just keep it electronic, but I will need to see it.

I also jumped on the computer at snack time and printed them off their own checklists. So I will need to get them a planner type thing too. It proved to be a great motivator.

My biggest problem was my DD. She doesn’t listen to directions like wait a minute, or don’t interupt. And she is … lazy? I think its more that she doesn’t think the assigned work is important. I am going to have disciplinary issues with her.

With DS, I was able to “threaten” him with a time out in his room twice, and his behaviour was great from that point on.

I did get kind of frustrated with him wanting to colour everything. I think that is a tactic his teacher was using to keep the quick workers entertained while the slow workers finished. He is perfectionistic and the colouring most things dragged out the classes.

Its nice to get an “official” day under my belt.

I even made them do exercise class, based on the classes I taught seniors. I was amazed to see that I had more stamina and flexibility then they did. Shocked actually!

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