A Book, God’s Sense of Humour & Me

[Posted first: July 26, 2006]

I’m going to recommend a book I inhaled last night. In doing so, I realize the dangers of recommending books.

My father often recommends books to me that he believes will “enhance” me. One, The Procrastinator’s Handbook, had me furious as I was reading it. I mean my father actually had the nerve to go through it and underline these phrases that made me feel mad and guilty. bomb.gif I was ready to explode. But then I got to a section and it seemed like none of his helpful underlining was really applicable to me.

It was then that I finally realized that he had underlined those sections for himself. All of them. The book had truly helped him understand his procrastination, and he was just so happy for himself that he hoped it could help me.

And being my father’s daughter, no wonder so many of the comments he thought poinient were also applicable to me. I am a product of him and my mother.

Then I went back and read the book without the anger, and it made a huge difference in my life.


The book that I want to recommend today is called The Breaking Point by Karen Ball.

You know that I am really trying hard to be a better wife, and allow my husband freedom from my helpful critiques and comments. Instead of trying to hammer his faults out, I am trying to resist using my skills and obvious insights since I live with him and can see his faults the best.

So, God in his humour caused me to pick this book from my church library about a month ago and then not read it until last night.

I am humbled by this book. It gave me insights to inner conversations I have been having with myself regarding my marriage.

The book is written in the style of a current event juxtaposed with past events and sequences. It is a little confusing to read at first until you get the feel for the characters and events, past and present.

And she has a nice way of working biblical understandings of marriage into the book without making them seem like sermons. Very natural, which is something that many Christian novels fall on.

The book has given me a lot of hope. It has given me insights, to myself and to what my DH might be thinking. And most of all, motivation to keep on this new course I am trying to plot for myself.

So… I will, when the finances allow, be purchasing this book for my bookshelf.

Its one of those times when I think God is sharing a good laugh with me.

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