Snowed In

Every 2 or 3 years it seems my husband and I get snowed in.The first time it happened the winter after we got married. It was right around New Year’s, so that would be the winter of ’98 & ’99.

We had several friends on the University campus that didn’t go home for Christmas break for a multitude of reasons. Anyhow, they hadn’t planned on being stuck on the campus and many of them ran out of food.

We ended up with 10 friends at our little apartment. It was a great thing our apartment was actually half of the basement of on of the Chemistry Professor’s house. They were on vacation and we decided to allow our friends to sleep in their half of the house. It was a gamble, but we were correct that the couple wouldn’t mind what we had done given the circumstances.

All I really remember of that time was all the fun we had playing games… and of all the cooking I had to do! lmfao.gif I was one of the cooks for the University and I had keys to the University pantry, so at one point we did have to make a run into their supplies. Once again, I was told it was okay after the fact. I had enough food for about 2 days at the house, but 12 University students eat a lot of food!

Lets see…

Another one I remember well happened a few years ago. This was shortly after we moved up into the snow belt, so I’d have to say the February of ’02. Anyways, there was a huge ice storm in our area. The hydro lines were down in 16 places along our road! We were over 32 hours without hydro. HOWEVER, being on a chicken farm meant that we had a generator. We ended up calling the OPP, and they brought over several of our neighbours. Once again, I remember lots of food, laughter and fun. I remember it was around the 26th hour, the hydro crew hit our line. I had just finished making up a large batch of bread, and running fresh loaves of bread out to them. They were so happy. They ended up having to re-pull the whole hydro line right down 3 country blocks.

This time we are once again locked in. We have outside hydro again, so we haven’t offered to have company. This time I have enough food for ourselves. But not really enough for others. We have been locked in place since Saturday afternoon.

We haven’t told the kids that everyone else in our area has no school lmfao.gif One of the benefits of Home School… the weather doesn’t stop us!

DH is using a vacation day today. That allows him to get paid, but not have to risk the car again!

Anyhow, hope you are all doing well!

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