Our Snow

I just want to say, I am not complaining. After growing up without snow for years, and yearning for it… I am glad that we live here, and I see this as opposed to yards of dirty slush. But we are going on the 3 week of daily snow. I am not opposed if God were to send us a day of sunshine.First, a picture of my young man… sad.gif

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Here is a shot of the Farm across the road, it is the best one to see what it actually looks like outside. In the other pictures, the flakes kind of didn’t show.

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In this one, you can see the sun. It is in the top right corner. See it? Not really? OH, funny, me too!

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Here’s one off the porch towards the driveshed. (the one I throw the eggs at… blush.gif )

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I’ve hit that window before. So now I have to make sure I aim better…

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