Shh, We’re Being Sneaky!

roflol.gifThis is just too funny.

My DS is sitting here with me in the school room working his little tush off! Currently he is writing out a story based on his Phonic’s lesson.

We are sneaking school on his sister… “Shhhhh Mom! You can’t let her figure out we are here… [giggles] Then I will be done school and she will have to sit and work… laugh.gif And I will be able to go and play… [giggles] I wanna do this every day!”


Whatever it takes! laugh.gif Meanwhile he is working harder than he normally does biggrin.gif

ON a different note, our car will be ready tomorrow. So I will have to drive to Mississauga/Toronto to pick it up first thing in the morning with the two children. Can we say Momma is not excited? Especially after all my recent experiences in traffic!!!

Oh well! What do you do but get back in that driver’s seat and beat out the fears and take charge of the road ways again!

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