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I decided that it was time for this lady to learn to knit again. So I decided to try the Continental style.Number One, thanks to whomever posted the lady showing the other way, as I simply couldn’t get my tension right the way that Amy showed on the Knitting Help website. I learned everything else from there, but I have developed my own special way to hold the wool.

My first Continental project was these doll slippers, a version of my regular slippers. Suggestion, leave off the really fine wool and needles when learning a new way of knitting! laugh.gif

Here is the slipper as I am working on it, plus you can see the book that I use for the pattern, this is so that you can see how they are “supposed” to look smile.gif

Attached Image

And, a photo of my DD’s American Imitation Doll wearing her new slippers.

Attached Image

After that I did a larger project, 12 inches wide, by 24 inches long. This is a blanket for my DD’s crib. I really just wanted to get a handle on the technique. It is okay and I did find my tension by the end of it. I won’t take a picture of that project, it is fairly plain jane, except for when I tried out reading a crochet pattern and knitting it in reverse… I am talking about those lacy panel crochet patterns.

We shall simply summarize that one should likely not attempt that at 1 a.m. as you will likely make many mistakes. Also, further compounding that problem by doing this three nights in a row isn’t really recommended either.


My Cousin is getting married this weekend. I wanted to make her something personal, and on Amy’s website, the pot-holder seemed like an interesting project.

It is full of lots of symbolism. And I can add it to a few choice items and make a nice wedding gift starting with the pot holder.

I realize that some of you are quite prejudiced with the “heart” stuff, but quite frankly, I was given a lot of it and for something like a pot holder or doll blankets, the heart stuff is just fine in my opinion.

Anyhow, this is a picture of my knitting work area when set up. The Location is prone to move all the time, but the essentials of knitting are well displayed here:

Attached Image

You will note the mug of coffee, the knitting needles, chocolates, yarn, and that is about it!

Err, you don’t need to guess, but quite often I have to go hunting for that second knitting needle. Especially now that the DC are “knitting” as they take whatever needles they can and walk away with them. Then there are the incidents where I accidentally use them during cooking and have to wash them and I leave them in the dish rack and can’t find them for a week…

Here is a close up of the white side, then of the red side. The white is knit Continental style, the red is knit American style. I am happy that I managed to get similar tensions!

Attached Image

Attached Image

Sorry about the picture tone, in editing the pictures, I managed to do something and thought I’d undo it later, but couldn’t because of some later changes I made.

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