Been Reading

[Posted first: January 4, 2007]

I just have to say that I simply wub.gif to read. I am kind of pushing the envelope on what I am reading but I am enjoying what I am learning. In fact, I am learning about a whole new world of subjects and things that I had an idea about but I am finally starting to touch the tip of the Iceberg in terms of understanding the subject.

I’ve been reading “financial books.” Okay, you can go and leave this entry now. But I have to say, the first book of the three listed later on is a must read in my opinion.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing by Robert Irwin

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Rich Dad, Poor Dad has kind of shed a lot of scales off my eyes in terms of looking at money. It is strange but I really believe I have been having a kind of Schizophrenic approach to money before reading this book. For example, in dealing with my recent experience with Bankruptcy, I was getting all this advice from all these experts and I was fighting every single thing they had to say. Over and over again. I think the whole thing about the experience that depressed me the most was not the consideration of going Bankrupt. I could come to terms with that. But it had a whole lot more to deal with the fact that in following that advice, I would be going contrary to every thing I thought I “knew” about money.

This book doesn’t touch on Bankruptcy in the slightest. So don’t read it for advice on that. But… do read it. For one, it helps you identify that the biggest factor you will likely have when dealing with money is your inner fear. No, this is not a quote and he doesn’t use those words in his book in that way.

I’ve always known money is a tool. But when you don’t have much of it, or, lets say when your net worth is negative $80,000.00 … you do start to be more easily drawn into the bad ways of thinking about money.

I was getting so depressed about the whole thing, that the goals of paying off debt and getting free from that burden seemed so insurmontable that it made just as much sense as going off and buying something for the family. Sure, we were careful and used cash. But still!

Anyhow… You should really read that book. It is easy to read in my opinion, but I say that having grown up in a home where money and money stuff is talked about. And I have a C.M.A. for a brother, so at least I’ve heard money words before. But I didn’t know what they mean, and I still don’t, as this book doesn’t deal with that at all. It is mroe of a book regarding attitude towards money.

The second book. Well, it was writen for Americans. So quite simply, it was a good read for me, but often I had to back out and say that I will have to delve into this subject from a Canadian perspective to really do me any good. So I went out and bought a Canadian book on this subject, but sigh! It is not nearly as fun to read.

The third book. I am on page 100 of 251 pages. I think I will end up recommending this as much as the first. But with the creveate that you really need to read the first book to get the true depth of what he discusses in this book.

So there you go…

Also, I finished Clara Callan not too long ago. It is a good book written by a guy with Robert for the first name. Canadian Author. (the book is upstairs and I don’t want to negotiate 4 creaky stairs at this point in the falling to sleep time of day). It was good. But not highly recommended in my opinion. This is a Book Club book. FYI!

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